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YQCA Certification

Friday, July 22nd, 2022

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals is the quality assurance program that we do here in Wisconsin.  To find out more about this program please go to  This is the 5th year of YQCA here in Wisconsin.  This program is required for youth to exhibit at shows and some marketing opportunities are only available with a YQCA certificate.    

There are 3 options this year for kids to get certified.  1.  Instructor Led; 2.  Web based 3.  Test out – Online 

Allowed YQCA instructors are:  1.  Extension personnel, 2.  Agri-Science instructors and 3. Veterinarians. 

Friendly reminder, face to face instructor led meetings CAN NOT be held via Zoom or any online webinar format per a decision of the YQCA national board. 

Below are some fact sheets on YQCA here in Wisconsin. If you have any questions on YQCA or would like to have a Wisconsin type webinar, please reach out to me at


COVID-19 Update

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020


For more information contact:
Lester Schlies, Show Chairman NEYLS Livestock
PO Box 443 Denmark, WI 54208 (920) 609-2125

2020 Northeast Youth Livestock Show Update

DENMARK, Wis [June 1, 2020] – On Monday, June 1, 2020, the Northeast Youth Livestock Show announced the following statement regarding this year’s show:

The NEYLS Board of Directors wanted to provide you with an update on the status of the 2020 Northeast Youth Livestock Show. Safety is our top priority and we appreciate the support and encouragement you have sent. This drives us to work tirelessly together and ensure the 77th Northeast Youth Livestock Show takes place. At this current time, we continue to go forth with planning and preparation of the 2020 NEYLS.

The Northeast Youth Livestock Show educates Wisconsin’s youth on how to responsibly raise a market-ready animal which instills important life skills and provides purchases with excellent cuts of meat. We continue to discuss options that will allow all exhibitors, buyers, volunteers, and attendees with the best possible experience.

At this time the NEYLS Board of Directors has not made a formal decision on whether the Northeast Youth Livestock Show will go on as planned, September 12-14. However, until a decision is made, we will continue to work hard to make the show an experience for the youth.

The NEYLS Board of Directors will continue to communicate additional updates. Your endless support is appreciated. With that, we say THANK YOU!