An Auction Made Easy

Professional Help

If you are interested in bidding on an animal in the Northeast Youth Livestock show, but are unable to attend, a professional is available to do the bidding for you. Please contact the Northeast Youth Livestock Show for more information.

Simple Processing

After an animal has been purchased and a processing request has been made, the animal will not be seen again until the packaged meat is ready for pickup. Show officials have made arrangements with the following meat processor(s): Roskom Meats, Otto’s Meats, and Paulie’s Chop House (HWY 54, Luxemburg). Trucking is already arranged if you choose to send animals you purchase to these facilities. Exhibitors in Brown, Door, Kewaunee, and Manitowoc will have butcher spots. All exhibitors outside of those counties are required to have a processing date prior upon arrival to the show.

Resale Opportunity

The Northeast Youth Livestock Show offers a resale opportunity. This option is for those who would like to support the youth of Northeast Wisconsin by bidding on an animal, but do not want to process the animal. Reselling an animal still supports the participating youth, plus the purchaser receives a check for the market price of the animal, less expenses. The entire resale process is extremely easy because the Northeast Youth Livestock Show takes care of everything.