YQCA Certification

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals is the quality assurance program that we do here in Wisconsin.  To find out more about this program please go to  www.yqca.org.  This is the 5th year of YQCA here in Wisconsin.  This program is required for youth to exhibit at shows and some marketing opportunities are only available with a YQCA certificate.    

There are 3 options this year for kids to get certified.  1.  Instructor Led; 2.  Web based 3.  Test out – Online 

Allowed YQCA instructors are:  1.  Extension personnel, 2.  Agri-Science instructors and 3. Veterinarians. 

Friendly reminder, face to face instructor led meetings CAN NOT be held via Zoom or any online webinar format per a decision of the YQCA national board. 

Below are some fact sheets on YQCA here in Wisconsin. If you have any questions on YQCA or would like to have a Wisconsin type webinar, please reach out to me at borourke@wisc.edu.


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